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The final struggle.

We slowly made our way up the mountain, chirping the whole way, encouraging each other. Our voices got quieter, barely audible as the temperature dropped. Our pace slowed to a crawl as the winds blew fiercely, destroying our long scarves that were trailing behind us on the ground. We were covered in a layer of ice, and no matter how close we huddled, there was no warmth. We formed a line as he got ahead of me. Our destination was in sight.

He stopped, and I continuously chirped at him to keep going, although there was no audible sound.
He slumped to the ground. Suddenly, so did I.
It couldn't be. Was that it? Was our journey for nothing? Had we failed in our quest?

Everything grew white, and I was alone. Suddenly standing before me were the white cloaked people that we saw in our visions. They were in a line, looking down at me.
As I lay there, I opened my eyes.

I floated up into the air, and my scarf started to grow longer than it ever was before. The ice melted away, and I felt renewed with energy. I shot upwards into a tunnel in the sky, two dragons swirling around me. I reached the light, and saw the open air. Blue skies and clouds. I saw tons of cloth creatures flying in the sky. The dragons had turned into cloth creatures as well.
There I saw him.
My companion, the one who I had been travelling with all this time! I chirped loudly and he responded. We took off, flying forward, following the cloth creatures, moving through the gates. We went up, like we were climbing the mountain, but this time we were filled with a sense of joy. Not the hopelessness we had felt earlier. Rising, we saw a golden path of light before us. We followed it, turning as golden as the light, and reached the very top of the mountain. As soon as we landed, our scarves disappeared. We walked together into the light, chirping back and forth in pure happiness.

We had made it.

We were home.
Another writing piece that I wanted to fire off.

And now it's 5 in the morning, and I'm going to bed. Night.

JOURNEY(c) Thatgamecompany
ClarityofSound Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012
Beautiful hun. =) I always love going that part with a companion of my own. It's just too beautiful a time to go alone.
KaleidoScopeOfIce Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Beautiful:iconloveloveplz: That part of the game always gets me:tears:
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